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"Sending Love" Letter To You #1 Feb 23, 2023

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

HI!!! Way back in 2008, I started a weekly email letter with the sole purpose of sending love and encouragement. We connected every Friday for a dozen years! Those early JOY Letters were effervescent and effusive. And LONG! Here I am back in your inbox again, wanting to be a voice of love and a reminder that good things abound. These LOVE LETTERS will show up a couple times a week as Spirit leads. (I hope to not be so wordy but I make no promises!) ** IF you are new here, welcome! I was dubbed the Joy Fairy and had fab career of writing, speaking, teaching, coaching, loving. And many domain names - Joy Beyond Your Dreams,, Birth That Book, Joy-Journey of YOU, and my very first was WhenLifeStinks. ** In 2020, Prince Charming (I now call him HoneyMan) and I retired. We moved out of state, moved back again, and many long stories not so short, I’m now feeling the pull to come out of retirement. I had thought I would write, teach, speak and coach until I clunked over from old age. Nope. I was called to let it all go. Release, release, release with love. Now I am being called to venture into the arena again, in new and different ways. Follow the callings of the heart, they are never wrong. As Rumi said, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Right now, I am organizing a MIND BODY SPIRIT EXPO. (SO MUCH LOVE!) If you are anywhere around Rockford, IL on April 29, join us! If you know anyone who wants to be part of this event, send them my way. More info is on the website at ACCESS SOUL. You will be hearing more about the incredible loving people doing their thing and putting so much good into the world! I'm also hosting workshops and gatherings again. There's much bubbling and brewing, and it will all come out when it is meant to. For today, let me say just say HELLO and I give you a hug. Did you feel it? We are connecting again and it feels like joy. Well, for me it does. If you do not resonate with these letters, unsubscribe. No hard feelings. I will be in touch again soon. Feel free to hit reply and say HELLO! You know I love to hear from you. Big thanks, much love, Kelly PS: I wrote this essay in December about our many moves and posted it to the Book of Faces to much fanfare. That pic of all the cardinals! So many more pretty red birds, but they don’t stay still for one group photo. I posted the essay on the website for you to read. Enjoy.

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