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Blue Skies


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ALL are welcome. We work on/play with increasing our connection with our intuition, our abilities beyond our five senses, our guidance team, and our interconnectedness with each other, and "others," and developing our clairs.


IF YOU ARE CURIOUS, you are in the right place. 

We do fun “exercises” to increase confidence and competence, and whatever else Spirit directs. Time to discuss, share, ask questions, and learn to improve your focus and believe in yourself. We support, encourage and uplift each other.

Let’s normalize energy, vibration, frequency, the nonphysical realm, and life/communication beyond the physical senses.

FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm 


Tuesday, Dec 5: REGISTER HERE


We meet at our JOY HOUSE, Roscoe, IL. Address given when you register.


Our souls exist beyond this life and have experienced places beyond this planet.

If you resonate with the label Starseed, multidimensional realities, the work of Dr. Steven Greer/CE-5, the work of Lyssa Royal Holt, the work of Ken Carey, et contact, and/or that being a human on earth is not the only game in town, join us! An evening of meditation, discussion, and activation. Heart coherence and high vibration.

By embracing that we are multidimensional beings and this earth plane is not the only reality, we raise the collective consciousness. By discussing and sharing our experiences, we help each other and gain deeper knowing of Oneness.

We are here to spread positive energy, higher frequencies and help humanity progress spiritually. AND help yourself.


We chose to be here, now. How do we stay grounded and ascend at the same time?

We are here to find and help each other, and to realize ALL beings are Source Energy Beings. Let’s normalize the  nonphysical realm, and our connection and communication with all beings.

@6:30 pm – 8:30 pm 

dates TBA


We meet at our JOY HOUSE, Roscoe, IL. Address given when you register.

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