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I see you. Do you?

HELLO! Hugging you right now. Do you feel it?


What I taught several years ago in my life coach days bubbles up occasionally in conversations with loveys. Certain practices are good no matter where we are in our spiritual journey.


Each morning when you brush your teeth, think of some gratitudes. I look out the window and am grateful for the changing seasons, the trees, the birds, my health, my home, my toothbrush, running water, flush toilets, toilet paper, on and on and on.


When you are done brushing and grateful-ing, put everything down, take a deep breath, and look in the mirror. Look into your eyes. Just breathe. Say hello.


You may notice you cannot look into both eyes at the same time. Look deeply into the left eye. Hold the eye contact. Do you feel anything?

You are connecting with your inner self/higher self/true self/soul.


Do this every day, for even 30 seconds, and see your life change.


Affirmations/ I AM statements were helpful back in the day, and if they are for you, go for it. If, for example, your head is saying “I am not good with change” that story needs to be shifted. It’s just a story, of course, and yet your ego believes the story. “I am able to handle change and challenges with the strength and grace and guidance of my soul” is a much better story to tell ourselves.

Notice anytime you use I AM. What follows? I AM strong. I AM capable. I AM beautiful. I AM intelligent. I AM wise. I AM creative. I AM loved. I AM.


We are the I AM. More on that another day.


You can also use simple all-encompassing “mantras” to rewire your old default thinking patterns. Create a phrase that resonates with you.

Things always work out for me.

I live a charmed life.

Everything just goes my way.

Magic and miracles are all around me.

All is well. All is well. All is well.


Start your day with such a sentence. Write it on sticky notes. Put one on the bathroom mirror, one on the fridge, one on the dash in your car, ONE ON YOUR PHONE. Every time you reach your phone, pause. Read your mantra. Take a deep breath.


Instead of spending random few minutes scrolling the phone, set your timer for 3 minutes. Just sit and breathe. Notice your heart beating. Notice the rise and fall of your chest. Notice if your belly expands. Say your mantra. Notice that you feel a tiny bit calmer.


Even one day of less phone and more intentional focused breathing will change your nervous system. Imagine more days with less mindless distraction and more mindful intention. Holy moly, how good can life get?! Let the Universe show you!

Much love,


"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." — E.E. Cummings

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