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Your only job is you


Your Higher Self sees you in a lovely space surrounded by all that you love,

the Beauty that makes your heart open.

Your Heart Chakra opens to receive your soul guidance

and hear its whispers.

When you open to Beauty, you open to the Truth of YOU.

When you open to the Truth of YOU,

you are the Living Essence of Love.

You are Divine Love walking the Earth, a natural force of good.

You operate from the pure joy you feel,

and that creates a ripple effect.


Your job is not to create that ripple; that’s a by-product.

Your work is to take care of you.

Your work is to honor the desires of your heart,

however nonsensical they may seem.

You are here for your joy, your growth, your expansion.

If that creates a light and a path for others, wonderful.

But creating a path for others is not your job.

Your job is you.

Your work is you.

Your only only only job is to follow your heart’s desires.

You create your path.

Be led by the Beauty that makes your heart open.

Open to Truth of YOU.

Follow that path.

Create that path.

Keep opening to the whispers of your soul.

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