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Weekend Update...


If I just met you last Sunday at the holistic health fair, HELLO!! Welcome! I send occasional email inspirational uplifts. Today, just a quick note to check in and send you a transmission of love!

Many have asked me how it felt to be at the expo this year as a participant and not the organizer. It felt just fine! ;-D

Debra of Holistic Health Fairs was also overjoyed. Attendance was over 500 fine fabulous folks, which is a record for her events. THANK YOU, DEBRA, and THANK YOU, ROCKFORD!

I’ve been asked if I will do Zoom meditation gatherings for those who are not local. Right now, it just doesn't fit the schedule. What has happened though is that one of the gals of the Mommas Meditation group recorded me last month.

Meditations are not scripted. Totally Spirit-led. Every time is different. And always about your connection with guides/guidance/God, not whatever comes out of my mouth. Many people in our circles don’t hear a word I say. Everyone goes where they are meant to go and gets the messages they are meant to get.

You can listen to the free meditation now posted on Before you do, take a few centering breaths. Then click, close your eyes, and see where you go. Hopefully you feel a little more peaceful after the experience.

Finding the peace within, and living from that place, is the whole point.

We do have Meditation Gatherings here every Monday. The Meditation for Mommas group is once a month.  Maybe we will record more.

Intuitive Tuesday is perhaps the most fun evening of the whole month (and first Tuesday of the month is THIS COMING TUESDAY, APRIL 2!).

Saturday, April 6, there is a DRUM CIRCLE, led by Emily Fell, who led our cacao ceremony on Spring Equinox. DRUM CIRCLE is at Inscape Collective, 201 7th St, Rockford, IL. 6:30 pm. $10 suggested donation.

There also is a free POETRY Open Mic night at Inscape on Friday, April 12.

Come share, or come support!

STAY TUNED for not just poetry, but ALL acts Open Mic nights to come (save the date: MAY 10) where I will emcee along with Rockford Poet/Spoken Word Artist Christoper Sims. Music, poetry, stand-up comedy, juggling, magic, whatever you got, BRING IT!

SAVE THE DATE for Ecstatic Dance/Somatic Release night at our Joy House on Saturday, April 27. More details to come.

As always, I offer Access Bars sessions, an energy modality that will knock your socks off with the relaxation, clarity, and release of old limiting beliefs. Sixty dollars for sixty minutes of life-changing love is a great investment.

My wish for today and every day is for us all to open up to deeper awareness of our interconnectedness, our shared humanity, and our divinity. We are ONE.

May you realize more and more the Truth of who you are, and may you navigate life from that place of conscious connection and divine guidance.

If you ever need a listening ear, please reach out.

Virtual hugs squeezing you right now.

Peace all over all of us!

Much love,




“We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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