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You Do YOU

Hello loveys!Hope your eclipse day was perfect for YOU. Whatever you did, and didn't do, is PERFECT.


With all things in this world, there will always be external voices/media/etc/etc/etc telling you what to do and what something means. It is up to YOU to discern what meaning you ascribe to anything. It is up to YOU to live your life according to the wisdom within. Listen to the internal voice, and tune out all the static. This is YOUR life.


My youngest son turned 30 on April 8 (all our boys are now in their 30's! Time flies!) and he spontanesously booked a trip to Paris for later this month! That's my baby!


When a moment of anxiety hit him, I reminded him that logic and reason are overrated.


I remind us all, life is short.


Pack light, travel light. Live light and live large! Don't hold yourself back. Be spontaneous. Live a whimsical nonsensical life. Follow the heart and let the head come along for the ride!


At least it has worked really well for me.


You do what resonates with you.


Much love,


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