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We only have control of one thing

This poem is by Sarah Rodriguez, came to her during meditation. [Sarah offers a Sound Bath the last Sunday of the month at Inscape, 201 7th St, Rockford. 5:30pm. Bring a yoga mat. $10 minimum donation.]


Misery’s Mystery:


We all share an irrefutable dis-ease.

Some are suffering more than others but we all have it, I don’t care who disagrees.


Even when we’re mindful.

It’s just sitting there on idle.


It gives us anxiety.

Disconnects us from society.

Prevents sobriety.

Creates fear in us privately.

Leads us to loneliness and codependency.

Sometime promiscuity.

It lacks responsibility.

We’re attached to it like it’s healthy so we can avoid accountability.

It depletes us entirely and unjustifiably.


It’s a low vibration that travels against flow.

In the 1500s this dis-ease was named control.

To win and be right is its only real goal.


With no permanent reward.

Just temporary pleasure and a toxic cord.


Existing in control brings about your demise so much sooner.

It eats you alive inside, and blocks the birth rights in your lunar.


We can’t stop the cyclical nature of life.

We are passengers, so let spirit drive and enjoy the ride.


We only have control of one thing and we must own it.

It is what we do in this present moment.


This is where our free will resides.

How we use it has the power to create, or separate and divide.


We are creating everything we think.

The body expresses what the mind suppresses so our connection within is an essential link.


We are creating everything we see.

Our perception is a projection of our true connection, it shows how true we are to thee.


We are creating everything we speak.

It spells everything in our hearts and leaks out through our speech.


We are creating everything we love

This is the frequency we must learn and speak of.


We are creating everything we feel.

By attuning to spirit truth is revealed.


We are creating everything we touch.

We must keep our roots grounded in the earth and innately trust.


We cannot control other people’s behavior.

But we can control ours and be our own savior.


Conquering the world is impossible.

Conquering yourself is methodical and phenomenal.


Release control, surrender to the flow and enable true freedom.

It’s found in our feelings and imminent for healing to put an end to our misery’s mystery indefinitely. 


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