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Tomorrow will be here soon enough

More writings from Cheri Jameson, from my 2018 Write Into Healing class:

"Begin today" is a call to live in the present, the joy of this moment, the NOW.

Yesterday is in the past. I bless it for all its beauty and opportunity for learning -

hanging on to it will only cloud the learning and joy of today.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Certainly be bold enough to embrace dreams,

but hold plans and details loosely.

Because the gift of today, if I am truly listening,

might reveal a path that is more extraordinary than any of my "plans"

or preconceived notions of my life could ever be.

Choosing to live each day as the beginning allows for the Universe

to uncover its gems and thus reveal life from a deeper perspective.

To read my recent post about Cheri, go here: LINK.

Much love,


"I can wait for fate to bring around to me any part of my tomorrow, tomorrow."

Helen Reddy, singer; Kenny Rankin, songwriter


We gather WEEKLY for meditation and it is MAGICAL!

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