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Thank you for being here

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Hello old friends, new friends, and the simply curious.

The message below is an excerpt from BEING HERE by Shiloh Sophia, (, a poet, artist, creative and great big heart.

Today I just want to thank YOU for being here.

Much love,


Maybe you stopped believing in the divine order of things because you mistook the hard stuff as some kind of lack of affirmation I don’t know who made up the story that it shouldn't be hard here but clearly that isn’t the case Just being in a body requires so much care and it often hurts to be in here and it also feels so good too We were given pain and pleasure Still…you are here This is where here is It is a wild garden of a place, isn't it? Who knew? You aren’t a stranger here even though it is sometimes strange to be here, like this with all our curiosity and confusion and unmet needs for big love and our desire to be seen as we learn to see ourselves Being here is precious and precarious but here we are and I just wanted to mention that being here with you is way better than being here without you You make here a wonderful place to be

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