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Take your candle, go light your world

Take your candle, go light your world.


That's a lyric from a song I loved way way back in another life and time. That line, that message, is timeless. I meet people everyday who are offering their hearts in service to others in all kinds of ways, large and small.


If you are feeling a nudge, honor it. Maybe you are the one holding the candle high so others can find you. Maybe you are the one needing to find that light. Let us be there for each other.


Much love,



JUNE 4 - TONIGHT! Intuitive Tuesday


June 10 Meditation Monday:


Meet at the LABYRINTH at Womanspace, 3333 Maria Linden Dr, Rockford! We are blessed to have this amazing labyrinth right here in Rockford. It's a beautiful space and walking the labyrinth is a meditative journey. You will find out for yourself next Monday!


JUNE 13 Conversations in Consciousness: Race Relations and Radical Love

Rock Valley College Classroom - Bldg II Room 225 - 7-8:30pm

I chat with Tommy Meeks, founder of Rockford's Juneteenth Celebration, on how we all can navigate life with TRUST of the other, regardless of race. What divides us? What UNITES us? Be part of the conversation.

Sign up:



JUNE 14 Open Mic Night 6-8pm. Inscape Collective, 201 7th St., Rockford

COME SHARE YOUR CANDLE!! Participate or be the adoring crowd!! You are needed!



**ENERGY HEALING SESSION "Access Bars": Book a session with me (The "bars" are simply points on your head. Gentle touch releases stress, past trauma, old limiting beliefs. Experience deep relaxation, pain relief, and lightness of being.)

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