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Sequoia, we shall see ya

We are off to California. A 4-day event with meditation and oneness love. Then on to Sequoia National Forest. Temps are HOT in many parts of the country right now. The towns just outside the Sequoias have daily high of 105. I will stay in the shade of the big beauiful trees, where highs are in the 70s. Yes, please, and thank you.


When we return home, we will be getting ready for moving sale. (If you missed my last missive, we are moving again.) I am releasing lots of stuff stuff stuff. I will never be a minimalist, but having less things as I go forward feels lighter and lovelier. (Locals, tentative sale date is July 12/13.)


Maybe I will take my laptop this trip and while I'm on the plane, I will clean up my email inbox. I've saved a lot of emails "for later." Articles that are too long to read in the moment, I send to myself. And I never read them. Or articles on the best places in Wisconsin for fall foliage. Or bakeries. Or unique day trips. Lots of emails sent to me from me with links.


If they were physical pieces of paper, I would have them organized in folder or file cabinet, or tossed out. I don't like things lying around the house. Everything has to have a home. Time to apply such strategy to the inbox. Delete, delete, delete.


We'll see. I might just sleep on the plane.


Much love,



What's up:

Monday Meditation JUNE 24: Labyrinth Walk, Womanspace, 3333 Maria Linden Dr, Rockford


Monday Meditation JULY 1: JOY House




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Jun 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Guuurrrlll... where are you moving to this time! ❤️

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