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Love ain't always easy

This is from a year ago, and timeless.

From Daniel Scranton channeling 9D Arcturian Council:


"You want to be of service to as many people as possible, including all who are oppressed? Then be love.

When you see someone who is spewing hate, bigotry, racism, and has all kinds of agendas to separate people from one another, you must respond to that person with love.

You must be the one who says, ‘I will be the love in the face of this hate. I will choose love over fear, and I will radiate love to everyone no matter who they are, what they have done, what they believe, and what they continue to say.’ The more you love, forgive, and have compassion, more will change.

And sometimes it is YOU that you need to forgive. Sometimes you are the one who needs the most love from you. When you are giving love to yourself, you’re more likely to give it to others, and when you give it to others, you’re more likely to give it to yourself.

You are always helping yourself whenever you offer love to someone else. And it will have a domino effect.

You will affect the totality of the human collective by just deciding that the next time you see a person who usually triggers you that you will love that person. You will be love in the face of whatever they are offering.

You always grow when you choose love."


Much love,


When we disagree with leadership, we must become leaders. 

~Heather Poduska

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