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Consecration at the airport

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Feeling grateful, that I am. Not too long ago, during a wonderful massage/Reiki/tuning forks session, the word consecration welled up in me and was repeated over and over. Consecration is the action of making or declaring something sacred. (Message to me: Declare my life sacred!) Consecration is the solemn dedication to a special purpose or service. (Message to me: Dedicate myself to the remembering that my life is sacred!) It’s time for me on a deeper and truer level to declare my life sacred. To dedicate (or re-dedicate) myself to the knowing that daily life is an act of remembering Who I Am. Sure, we all know life is sacred and precious, especially when something happens that shakes us up, but do we act that way in our daily doings? When I go to the grocery store, or take my father-in-law to a doctor appointment, or wake up to a gray rainy day, do I consciously act in word and deed and thought that life is sacred? As much as I am awakening to deeper awareness, I still operate on autopilot and default settings much of the time. For me, the words consecration and sacred mean that I really acknowledge the divine essence in me, and you, and all of Life. If I commit to the sacred in me, I will also be remembering the sacred in you. If I consecrate my life, I consecrate all life. Sometimes that seems like a tall order. Sometimes is seems so easy and obvious. The dance between the two is the human experience. People who yoga often end with namaste, the divine in me honors the divine in you. What if we lived life that way? I challenged myself at the airport on our recent Sedona trip to honor the divine in every person I encountered. The woman who pushed her way past me in line in the ladies room. The dude with his knees in the back of my seat. The mom ignoring her rambunctious kids as she scrolled her phone. Can I just chill and honor them and their humanness and their divinity? Can I wonder if maybe every person who pushes my buttons a tiny bit is simply a sacred messenger for me? Yep. My judgey-judge-judger is becoming more of a simple noticer. Remove opinion. Just notice. Observe. Breathe. Remember. That fellow human is a fellow soul. We are all navigating life on Earth to the best of our ability. I soften. Life is sacred. Even at a crowded airport. Peace, Kelly

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