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Helping the people who help people

Last year at this time, I was immersed in the work of creating a mind body spirit expo for this area. I felt the call to do it, I did it, it was incredible, and I am forever changed. For me to hand it off, to release control of the event I created, surprised some people. "You found your niche! Events!" they said. No. My "niche" is not expos. IF I even have a niche it is to help the people who help people.


I am a connector. In many different ways.


I am thrilled that Debra of Holistic Health Fairs took over our expo event. PLEASE COME OUT Sunday, March 24 to the IBEW Hall in Rockford (6820 Mill Rd) to parake of 50+ vendors with so much goodness to offer. The full list of folks is here. I bought a vendor table and will be there giving out hugs, and who knows what. (Spirit has not yet revealed exactly what I will be offering that day. Maybe channeled messages, maybe Access Bars sessions, maybe handstands (NOT!). We'll see. The day will be FABULOUS. Please join us.


Because of my following that call last year, so many new friends and so many new experiences have come into my life. Like going to Swahili church yesterday. I have so many wonderful stories and by playing connect the dots, it all traces back to heeding the call. I could never have predicted all that has happened this year, and that is the beauty of life. We follow the nudges and it brings glorious loveys into our lives and hearts.  


Another opportunity that has revealed because of this path is that Rock Valley College Community Education is looking to greatly increase their Mind Body Spirit programming. If YOU or anyone you know is interested in offering a one-time workshop or a several session class, please reach out to me. This community wants + needs information and education and experiences. Personal growth helps each individual AND that serves the greater whole.


I am here to help the people who help people. I am here to connect people and resources. I am here to help you birth what is emerging in you.


If you are feeling the call, answer it. Who knows what will reveal! Your life will blossom!


It takes me back to 2001 when I answered the internal nudge to submit my writing, a newspaper column, to the local newspaper. That set me on a career path that was unexpected joy for 20 years. One small action can take us to where our hearts really want to be.


Where does your heart want to be?

Reach out to me. 

Take your candle, go light your world.

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