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Having an off day


I'm having a moment.

Of aggravation. Frustration. Sadness.

Sometimes people are surprised that I ever get angry. Or pissy at my husband. Or feel out of sorts. I used to try to hide it. I thought I would let people down. People call me the joy fairy, and I feared they would be disappointed if they knew the joy fairy had down times, off times, not so nice times.

Now I'm learning to just be me. I have all the human emotions, because, duh, I am human. I am here for this ride called human life, and it is bumpy. I notice I still try to control my image sometimes. I am letting that go.

Most of the time, I am indeed tapped into my KNOWING. I am alive in TRUST. (I just wrote a long thing about relax and trust. I'll send that another day.) Right now, I am needing to remind myself that I am a soul here on this earth plane having a human experience. My human is not perfect and that is by design. That is the whole point. My soul knows the whole ride is divine and perfect, and the twists and turns, and the bumps, are all part of the experience. It's why I came here.

So if you ever have a bumpy day, know that this too shall pass. You will return to your KNOWING. Deeper and deeper. You can live more and more from TRUST. You can let go of the facade of perfection, and know that the messy and the unknown is true perfection.

Thanks for being here. I am grateful for the witness, the mirror, the trigger, all the things. I suppose the triggers I should thank the most. That is my growth. That is my work.

Much love,


"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you;

they're supposed to help you discover who you are."

~ Bernice Johnson Reagon

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