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Hard times are invitations



We all go through circumstances that are difficult. And yet the real issue is not the thing that is happening, even if it feels all-consuming. The challenge in front of us is a portal, an opportunity to peel off more layers of old programs, conditioning, limiting beliefs, thoughts, patterns, behaviors, etc., that no longer serve us. We are being INVITED to be able to see more of the truth of who we are.


Yes, a situation “that sucks” is an invitation to enter new territory. It is totally worthwhile to enter!The present challenging situation is not at all about jobs/careers or relationships or health or whatever you face. Insert your situation. It is about your personal growth. It is about you being able to discover more about you.

This is about what is emerging in you. This is about evolving into the higher version of you and how you navigate life. It is about you seeing more and more that you can trust and surrender to and rely on God/Source/Spirit/Universe.


Our challenges in life are portals into the next level of living from our Higher Self. Your spiritual journey is waking you up and you are stepping into new territory. This current situation is the portal. The opportunities here for you are so much more than the current circumstance you are fixating on. It is about you discovering more about you and your inner world. It's really a beautiful time. Going through something hard or challenging leads us to bigger awareness. You are tapping into new depths of you. So exciting! 


So, as you seesaw between old versions of yourself who feel scared/pissed/lost/etc., and new versions who feel deeper levels of trust and gratitude that the universe is bringing new opportunities that you are indeed ready for, just know the seesaw is normal.


Sometimes you feel old patterns, and sometimes you feel new ways of being. Keep leaning into the new ways of being. Deeper trust, reaching out for help (be it to nonphysical and physical beings), doing new ways of connecting to your Inner Self/GOD. The seesaw can catapult you into next level living. 


Sometimes a life circumstance shakes us up to take a look at what we really want, who we really are at this stage in the game. Hard times are blessings too.


Maybe we can even resist labeling things as good or bad, and simply just experiences.


Whatever you, dear lovey, are facing, can you allow the circumstance to be an invitation to a new perspective? Can hard times be accepted? Can we not beat ourselves up when we feel crappy and sad and confused? Can we go within and find new levels, new insights, new directions? Can we recalibrate? Can we allow painful opportunities to birth new life, new love, new joy, new awareness?


When I get down in the dumps, I still wallow sometimes. And then I take a breath and ask what is really going on. What is wanting to purge and what is wanting to emerge?


Peace all over all of us as we continually grow into the higher versions of ourselves.


Much love,


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When we embrace challenge as an evolutionary accelerator,

we realize it’s like a grain of sand in an oyster —

we can expect a pearl to follow shortly.

― Michael Beckwith

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