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Community. Tribe. Like-minded others.


Sure, we can meditate alone, and we do. And it's good.

AND there is something powerful in stiting in circle together. The collective energy is palpable. The connections are powerful. The sharing is deep and real and inspiring.


Sometimes people have tears well up because they feel so safe and loved. Those are the two words used most to describe our gatherings.


I delight in hearing the stories of how being part of this group has helped people over the past year. From health issues, relationship challenges, job changes, and all kinds of situations, the weekly meditation gatherings have made a real difference. Feeling peace within, even when there is outer trubulence, is what it is all about.



Sometimes insights that happen each week are kept private, sometimes shared in our time together and sometimes things get expressed later in writng or other creative outlets. One of our loveys confided that she often feels the overwhelming urge to write after our meditation gatherings. Last Monday night she did and gave me persmission to share.



We are warm and welcoming, and this week is COLD! Our gatherings are still on. Monday is Meditation. Tuesday is "Intuitive Tuesday" and Saturday we have a "Galactic Gathering." We have hot tea, hot cocoa, and warm hugs.


We have new people come every week who have never been before, and never meditated. We have core regulars and a rotating flock of come-when-they-can. If you are curious, pop on over. And you do not have to bring anything, no mat, nothing. We sit in the large living room.


I have been asked if I will do meditation gatherings online for those who are not local. Maybe. If that interests you, please let me know.


If you have any questions, on anything, hit reply and ask away.

Hugs and winter beauty, 

Much love,


Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.

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