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Buddy Bear

I met Casi Shelton many moons ago when she came to Meditation for Mommas. Casi is a mom of two boys - with another baby on the way this fall! - and is always working toward making life better for her own family and ALL families. Casi’s newest creation is this gorgeous book: BUDDY BEAR.

Read the journey of friendship, bravery, and the power of love to overcome even the toughest challenges. Buddy Bear is sure to become a cherished favorite for children and parents alike, offering comfort and inspiration to anyone facing the uncertainties of new experiences. Please buy and gift and spread the word.

I’m all about the uncertainty of new experiences. We may think we know how life is gonna go, but it’s always full of surprises.

Right now, HoneyMan and I are knee deep in selling off stuff before we move in a couple weeks. It is time consuming but feels so good to release our lovely things to someone else who will love them too. (If you are local, moving sale is this Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13.)

Tomorrow, Monday July 8, I facilitate MEDITATION MADE EASY at Center for Learning in Retirement by day. At 6:30 pm in the evening, we host Meditation Mondays at Rock Valley College. The next four Meditation Mondays will be at RVC, Classroom Bldg II, Room 225. That works out swell since my home is in total chaos right now. Sifting and sorting so much stuff!

Friday, July 12 at 6pm is Open Mic Night at Inscape Collective in Rockford. 6-8pm. Be there! It is so uplifting!

Friday, July 19 is Ecstatic Dance at Inscape with Emily Fell. 6-7:30pm. Doors open 5:30. I so look forward to music and movement. Come check it out!

Lots more on the horizon. For now, enjoy the view.

Peace and love and sweet dreams,


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