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A seed was planted

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

This is our former backyard. We loved it. (We left that house to move to the beautiful Black Hills but all our beautiful babies are here so we moved back. Our current backyard is pretty awesome too.) When we moved to that house with that backyard, I envisioned a small backyard fair, like a mini summer carnival, to showcase people I knew doing cool spiritual stuff. That didn't happen. BUT THIS DID. A huge Mind Body Spirit EXPO happening this Saturday. 6000 sq ft of people doing cool spiritual stuff. In a lovely indoor space. I am inspired by every single person who signed up to be a vendor. AND all the folks who wanted to be part, but can't because we are full. We had to cap at 66 vendors. The expo hall will be full of vendors selling amazing wares, vendors offering energy/body work (we have several folks bringing bodywork tables and chair massage!), vendors doing readings- Tarot, psychic, angel, oracle, vendors offering information and education, vendors to feed you!, and even a vendor to take a magical 360 video of you. Each in their joy. That fills my heart and encourages me in all kinds of ways. My backyard festival never happened, but it planted a seed that is sprouting April 29. 10 to 4. No cost to you so come check it out. IBEW Hall 6820 Mill Rd, Rockford. Bring your curious pals. Prepare to be delighted. Much love, Kelly

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