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A time of solitude and quiet

Goodness gracious, JUNE already!


The days fly by, full up with wondrous wonder. Lately, I'm not on my computer much. Or social media. And it is glorious.


I didn't realize though how often I check my phone until recently when I was away in the woods with no cell signal (knowingly, willingly). Even though I knew there was no updating happening, I kept picking up my phone to check for email or texts or the weather forecast. Fascinating. What habits we have!


I LOVED being unplugged. (And, FYI, if you want to know the weather, just step outside.)


If you need some time for solitude, meditation, prayer, QUIET, and the beauty of nature and wildlife, I highly recommend Christ in the Wildnerness in Stockton, IL. They have 80 acres with 3 private hermitages. I did not see the other retreatants at all during my time there.


The terrain is hilly with lots of paths, benches, a gazebo, small chapel, and the small cabins have full kitchen and bathroom. Bring your own food (and your bug spray) and enjoy the experience, however it reveals.


My pace of goings-on lately, for the last 6 months, or the last year(!) has been nonstop (all good) and this brief retreat happened seredipitously and was a respite for mind, body, and soul. The first day I took a nap. I NEVER take naps. (Well, now I guess I do!)


There is so much I could share, yet I feel like it is impossible to put into words. (And I used to be known as quite the wordsmith!) In a nutshell, all is well.


Life is a twisting turning road, full of surprises around every bend. May we all keep walking closer and closer into our hearts. 


Much love,


June 10 Monday: Meet at the LABYRINTH at Womanspace, 3333 Maria Linden Dr, Rockford


JUNE 13 Conversations in Consciousness: Race Relations and Radical Love 7-8:30pm

I chat with Tommy Meeks, founder of Rockford's Juneteenth Celebration, on how we all can navigate life with TRUST of the other, regardless of race. What divides us? What UNITES us? Be part of the conversation.

Sign up:




JUNE 14 Open Mic Night 6-8pm. Inscape Collective, 201 7th St., Rockford

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