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A sharp left turn

Things are changing dramatically around here. And yet what is always true is always true: Listen to the soul. The messages and downloads recently received from my Soul are surprising: LET GO of what I was creating with the AccessSoul CENTER. It's been a wild ride these past days. Trippy and surreal. No words can convey. Call it "conversations with God," call it profound, call it crazy. Impossible to articulate and impossible to ignore. I try to follow my soul even when/especially when it makes no sense. But this one is a Big Deal to me. Let go of opening the “space/place” I have been talking about nonstop for months?? What?!!?? Yep.

The continued delays to get in the space are actually providential. With each delay the Universe has been telling me to hit the brakes, slow down, because a hard left is coming. When yet another delay came, I felt a higher force turning the steering wheel for sure. In retrospect so many signs. Such a heavy weight around things that were once light and joyful. It's like many Road Closed Ahead signs were there and I kept going until finally I got to the big barricade and if kept going would have crashed. Spirit is saying take a new road. In fact, Spirit is saying create a new road, start bushwhacking a trail. I'm now being called to operate differently. The guidance is loud and clear to not be in a brick and mortar, to not take on a many-year-big-bucks lease, and to shed shed shed old ways of doing things. I am called to be in deeper service, not sure what that looks like, to not be in an energy exchange of human dollars, to be free and flexible to shift again and again and again, because that is what is happening, with humanity and the planet. Maybe no more hard lefts, who knows, but a continuing upward spiral, forever full of surprises. There are so many layers and nuances to tell, I could write pages. The care for my father-in-law has gotten more... involved, but that is not the only reason Spirit had my train jump tracks. Jumping tracks is what it feels like, jumping on to a new track that isn’t even “there.” No derailment, no wreckage. Just a sudden jarring lift and plop to this new invisible track where the destination is not clear. Because there is no destination, only the journey. I'm now bizarrely at peace (well, pretty much) with not going forward with a center. I’m called to streamline efforts and “doing.” Instead of offering a buffet, it’s now a small menu that will appeal to fewer folks. My soul team is guiding me to steep myself in the consciousness beyond the veil. The hard part then became telling people the center ain't happening. Disappointing people is still a major trigger for me. And therein lies my growth. What Spirit has told me so far: “You may feel like you are letting down but truly you are lifting up.” This change of direction is not the end of the road or the end of a dream, it’s the next spiral upward. Stretch. Grow. Repeat. (And I feel the growing pains.) My ego wanted to be able to announce we are not doing X (a center) because we are now doing Y (some flashy “cool” or “better” thing), something tangible or “concrete” that makes sense. But no. Making sense is of the mind, not the soul. I have a feeling the next few years are going to make less and less sense. What lies ahead on this end? I have no idea. We will host Monday Night Meditation gatherings in our home and "Intuitive Tuesday" Metaphysical Meetups and Galactic Gatherings. And a few "special" things. If it feels lovely to your soul, please join us. The spiritual journey isn’t always easy, but it can include grace. And always higher love. Stretch. Grow. Repeat. With immense love and gratitude for you, Kelly There's more I could write, many signs and syncs. I will just add that I was having these soul downloads while Jim was at a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat. When he got home, I unloaded all that had transpired within me. He then shared he had an epiphany that we need to reevaluate the center. He'd wondered how in the world he was going to tell me, as I have been so gung-ho. And then he came home to me telling him that I was told to let go of the center. Sometimes the mysteries answer the questions.

"To walk the spiritual path is to continually step out into the unknown." ~ Wallace Huey

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