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Release the pressure valve

This pic is from a few years ago, pre-Covid for sure. I don't have any of my banners anymore. There have been many iterations of service in my career, along with several websites and domain names (among them Joy Beyond Your Dreams; BIRTH THAT BOOK; All defunct now, they all were about helping others express their hearts and live their dreams.

That still lights me up. Helping people helps me. Deep-dive conversations with a lovey fill my cup. Doing an AccessBars session on someone buoys me too. Hosting meditations takes us all to another realm. Tis all good stuff and I am grateful for this leg of my journey. I do not know what is around the bend, but I never expected what I am currently enjoying.

Isn't that the beauty and joy of life? It's all so unexpected.

Can it be any other way?!


Re-reading my journal, I am reminded to simply be in the experience of life. Take it all in. The twists and turns of the long and winding road.

God/Guidance wrote to me:

Allow yourself to feel. Without recourse. Whatever you feel is allowed.

Feel "off." Feel "blah."

That is just as welcome as joy.

Or sadness.

You do not judge your joy, so do not judge your melancholy.


I love that.

Another nugget worth sharing:

Take the time you need. There is no deadline for anything, certainly not spiritual growth. The only pressure is from you. When you feel pressure, you know it is not of Spirit. It feels like a pressing down on you. Spirit feels like a lifting up. A calling is a pulling (not a pushing.) A calling is an invitation to move toward home. Being called home, step by step. "Called home" does not mean death. Called home is the divine within. A calling takes you deeper into yourself.


We are all being called home to ourselves.

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