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I met Matt last April in Milwaukee, this young dude, (anyone in their 40s is YOUNG), and was wowed. Super smart, so crazy cool laid-back, oozes healing abilities and generosity and compassion and integrity. He lives in Green Bay, travels the world (just back from Egypt) and the states, and is world-famous in Wisconsin (I guess that makes him Wisco-famous), and has graciously agreed to come here to the Joy House for a weekend of magical events.


FRIDAY, NOV 3 @ 6-9PM: ASTRAL TRAVEL Meet Your Star/Galactic Family

SAT, NOV 4 @ 9-11:30 AM: QUANTUM FIELD Ancestors, Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels


Quantum Healing is a deeper level of healing that supersedes the superficial healing of traditional Western medicine and can provide permanent life-altering results.

Matt's medical background is as a scientist and he did his doctoral work in developing drugs to treat central nervous system (CNS) disorders and cancer. Then after a spiritual awakening, Matt says, "During my own private Quantum Healing session, I was shown my path as a metaphysical healer. I have always wanted to help people heal; now I know a better way. The results are real and limitless. As your healing facilitator, I guide you to become the best version of you physically, mentally and emotionally."

FRIDAY 11/3 @6pm ASTRAL TRAVEL: Meet Your Star/Galactic Family

$30 More info and to Register here:

JOIN US Friday night for this magical event as Matt guides you on a journey through time and space plus learn how to use this natural process in your daily life. Additionally, Matt will be taking you on a journey to connect with your star family (or families) to expand your awareness and understanding of who you are and why you came here.

This guided process will also enable you to connect with them on a deeper level and work with them more easily in the future.

SATURDAY 11/4 @9AM QUANTUM FIELD Ancestors, Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels

$30 More info and to Register here:

Matt will lead a healing group meditation where you will be guided to receive messages, guidance and healing from your inner team. Meet (or deepen the connection) with your ancestors, spirit guides and guardian angels.

Grow your trust and strengthen the connection with these powerful allies to aid you in your journey.

SATURDAY 11/4 @1-5PM HEAL YOURSELF WORKSHOP A life-enrichment workshop to learn self-healing

$75 More info and to Register here:

Guiding people to heal themselves by exploring higher states of consciousness. Can provide permanent life-altering results.

Every physical symptom is a message to your body, we have forgotten how to listen. Almost anything can be healed if you’re ready to release it and the emotion tied to it.

Join Matt as he guides you to heal yourself and stay in a healed state.

The first portion of the class will be instructional and will address the meaning of common physical symptoms, mental issues, other sources of illness, and blocks to healing. The second portion will be a guided experience to further understand what your body is saying and ultimately, to heal.

For ALL Events:

Bring a notebook. Pens are provided. Blankets are also provided. We will be sitting in comfy chairs, but you may choose to lie down if you wish.

Water and tea provided.


(If funds are an issue and you really want/need the HEAL YOURSELF workshop, Matt has some scholarships available. Please reach out to me. No one is turned away from this important information.)

THANK YOU! Please gift yourself this powerful life-improving weekend.



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