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People ARE God!

Holy moly, what a whirlwind. Life has been full. One of my favorite phrases: The calendar is full but not heavy. (Pay attention to that. If your schedule feels heavy, it’s time to adjust.) A few highlights: After we got home from Utah, we took in some Wisconsin scenic beauty too. So grateful to just drive and be wowed. The photo here is what you find when you wander the backroads. I am teaching again at CLR (Center for Learning in Retirement). Last week’s Write Your Heart Out was incredibly moving. This week I offer a class called Finding Peace Within. Currently I also have been focusing on energy/body work as I am releasing layers and layers of “gunk” - physical and emotional - stored in my body from long long ago. Grateful for every practitioner – including the magic man I live with. ZenMan and I have been invited to join a local community “council” to help bridge the gap between old ways/old paradigms and what is shifting among humanity now. The first meeting was quite interesting. I shall keep you posted. In between appointments and “things,” we scooted up to Wisco again for a concert at The Pabst Theatre, Bruce Hornsby and his piano. That man can play. I had no idea the level of his magic connection with those piano keys. To just sit and feel music, in an old ornate theater, soothes my soul. We also took our granddaughter to Taylor Swift’s concert film, a totally different experience, and I loved it too. We are feeling gratitude that THREE of our loveys all had heart things checked out this past week and all are groovy. We hosted the Mystic Sisters at our home, a sold-out living room event, and it was uplifting for all. I was given a message and was moved/grateful. The days have gone by in a blur and the next couple weeks appear to be the same kind of full. Yet there is peace. The meditations are calming and grounding. The journal is steadfast support. The guidance is ever present. Sometimes it may feel like the world is spinning off its axis, but I am here to tell you, people are wonderful. People are kind. People are caring. People are loving. People are helpful. People are trustworthy. People are just like you! People are god. I meant to type people are good, but the truth is people ARE God! Look for angels. They are everywhere. If you are local, join us for Monday night meditation/sharing/gathering. We meet EVERY Monday at 6:30 pm. (No cost, but please sign up at Quantum Healing Weekend is Nov 3 and 4. We have some NON-locals (from Ohio AND New York!) coming in. Please join us for one, two, or all three workshops. If funds are holding you back, do not hold back! Reach out to me. We've got you! The Universe always provides! Workshop info is HERE. That’s enough for now. If you have questions on anything, reach out. And remember to look for angels. They ARE everywhere. Much love, Kelly

“When you find yourself on a vicious cycle, for goodness sakes, stop peddling!” — Swami Beyondananda

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