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Pennies of kindness

Our last Meditation Gathering was so powerful. We didn’t actually levitate, but we were floating in love! Come join us next time! We loved being at two local events to share their love and to spread the word about Access SOUL Mind Body Spirit Center. July 30 was the LOVE YOUR MENTAL event and Aug 6 was the FEMALE ENERGY event. So inspiring! Thank you, Lesly and Evangelina for organizing such powerful expos. Aug 1, I got my booth space at Vintage Etc in Beloit. My inventory of pretties is ready to be re-homed. More stuff will be continually added. Sept 1 (fingers crossed), we get into our space in Loves Park for the new home of Access SOUL Mind Body Spirit Center. Read about that journey here. So, yes, in surrender, a place was revealed. An unexpected space. In a professional building. We will bring our magic juju (and decorating skills!) to make the place warm and welcoming. The intention: You will feel like you are walking into an extension of our home, not an insurance office! (The date to get in the space is tentative because the agency that owns the building needs to temporarily use the space that will become ours. Their side is under construction. The contractors are not exactly keeping on schedule, so when their space is done, we get into our space.) We didn’t know what to call our place, so we kept it simple. We had already created Access SOUL Mind Body Spirit EXPO. People wanted more. This is the more. Thus, Access SOUL Mind Body Spirit CENTER. A place for regular expos (20 vendors) and meditation every Monday. Plus we are lining up an incredible calendar of events. Check out what’s on the calendar so far and know more is cooking. Mindfulness. Movement. Metaphysical Meetups. So so much. IF you are not local or not, thanks for all the love and support. It may not seem like much, but every little note you send, even just the one-sentence ones, is truly a bolstering uplift. Imagine pennies in a jar. Every penny adds up. Every kind word adds up. And I know that for every kind word I receive, there are millions more happening. What if we tossed a penny into everyone’s jar? One kind word, one kind sentence, one kind look, one kind smile. We certainly can spare a penny and to someone, that might be what they need to rejuvenate. One penny of kindness is worth a million bucks. I’ll take my million bucks a penny at a time. Much love, Kelly

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." ~William James

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