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LOVE leads the way!


Things are swirling!

Our life has been a bit hectic, yet I do not like to use that word. Hectic implies “frantic” - as in full of fear or anxiety. No anxiousness, just the pace has amped up even more than the usual amped up!

I’ll share some of the goings-on when I have a longer moment to write. For today, I need to throw out some reminders.

Meditation MONDAY, June 10, 6:30pm

Meet at Womanspace, 3333 Maria Linden Dr, Rockford. Park and then gather at the end of the parking lot at the entrance to the little patch of woods. Jim and I will be with our kids and granddaughter on Monday and not be back in time so the wonderful Karen Radkte will lead the evening! (Thank you, Karen!) Karen will show you the gardens, explain labyrinth, do a meditation, etc. Gonna be glorious!

(FYI: When I checked the Womanspace calendar, I saw all clear for that night, but my lovely pal Beth Campisi informed me she is teaching Cardio Drumming until 7pm in the pavilion at the parking lot. SO you will hear music and beat beat beat for a bit, but that is groovy. The beauty is there to take in and the actual labyrinth walk can happen at 7pm - or anytime. (In life, there is always external noise!)

THURSDAY, JUNE 13 7-8:30pm Rock Valley College - CL II Room 225

Conversations in Consciousness: Race Relations and Radical Love

Join Tommy Meeks and me for a discussion on our current race relations right here in the stateline, and the nation. What divides us? What UNITES us? How can we trust and see each other soul to soul? Please join the conversation.

Sign up at Go to Community Ed, and then Awareness and Well Being. Scroll scroll scroll your way and good luck! (I’m told the site is not the easiest to use. IF you have a hard time, just SHOW UP Thursday night and we will get you signed up!)

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 Open Mic Night 6-8pm

Inscape Collective - 201 7th St, Rockford

Last month the Open Mic Night was so inspiring! PLEASE COME OUT and offer up a little something, be it a poem, a song, a story, whatever you feel like sharing. Bring friends and fam so we have a sweet supportive audience. This is a safe space to share your creative soul. I promise you – you will feel buoyed whether you take the mic or be the finger-snapping hand-clapping crowd. The store will be open too!


Meditation Monday, June 17 6:30 pm

Back at the Joy House in Roscoe. A special GROUP HEALING night feels like it is ready to emerge. Be there!


That’s it for now, gotta run.

Much love,


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