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Is life feeling very swirly?

Do you ever feel that life is swirling very very fast? And yet also not??

That things/events/occasions/situations are zooming around and around, and yet also there is a slow steady undercurrent of calm? It’s there, IF we take a moment every day to tap into that undercurrent.

The human earthly worldly life is firing on all pistons all the time with everything wanting our attention. The soul life is chill. It says I am here. Always. Peace. Presence. Just breathe.

Balancing the swirl of the human earthly existence and the peace of the soul is the beautiful dance of this journey. We came here for the human experience. We came here for the swirl. AND we can stay in the peace of the soul, amidst the highs and lows of being human.

It is my daily intention to do so AND to provide a variety of resources to help others access their peace within. That is why we did the big mind body spirit expo in April. That is why we are opening a mind body spirit center this fall. To be a place where people feel safe to explore their connection to their self and to their soul, and to know there are many paths and practices to access soul. What is an access point for you may not be the same for another. That is the beauty and the fun of exploration and discovery.

My message has always been: Do what brings you joy. I feel it on a deeper level than when I first started doing joy workshops way back in 2008. I realize more profoundly that the things that light you up are indeed an access to your soul.

Tap into that undercurrent.

Notice how you feel.

Thanks for sharing the ride with me.

Much love,


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