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A true celebration of life

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

A memorial service this past weekend for Marcia Phillips West was so lovely, loving, and inspiring. Marcia had written a letter in preparation for her own Celebration of Life. (Love that!)

Here’s a snippet:

“We were created by Pure Love, in Pure Love, as Pure Love. How could Pure Love separate itself from itself? It’s impossible!

We need to let go of the silly thought of separation and let God bring us back to full awareness of the Oneness we always and forever share.

My celebration of life today is NOT a celebration of what I did in this {temporary time on earth}. Instead let us celebrate REAL LIFE, beyond this bubble. Let’s celebrate together who we really are, the creation of LOVE that has always been pure, boundless, beyond time and space, beyond the body, beyond anything we believe with our ego mind.

We are all of us created in the perfection and purity of Love.

I am with you always. We couldn’t possibly, ever, be separated.

We are love. Call my name and I will be there.”

I love that Marcia wrote a letter for her own celebration of life service and I love that she reminds us that we are all ONE. No separation from each other, no separation from God.

Marcia was talking about unity consciousness years ago. Long before I ever heard the term Oneness. She created Bridges of Unity, wrote, spoke, and taught how we all are Universal Beings of Love. We all come from Love, are Love, and return to Love. When we are here on earth, we are Love. Often, we forget that. We forget that ALL of us are Love. ALL of us. That’s unity consciousness. That’s Oneness.

We are all aspects of one Source, here in physical form for just a little while.

Marcia also reminds us that human death does not separate us. Love is what we are, and when we leave a physical body, we are still Love. Consciousness does not die. And Consciousness can communicate between physical and nonphysical.

When we grasp that, it makes our human lives easier, more peaceful. Death is not to be feared. Death is not the end. Certainly, we miss our human person, their physical presence. Absolutely. But Marcia speaks the truth.

We cannot possibly ever be separated. Love lives on. Always.

May you find some peace, comfort, or at least food for thought.

Much love,


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