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Do I resist my guidance?

I wrote this a year ago and I am glad it showed up for me again.


This is what I shared on Nov 21, 2022: "In today’s journaling/channeling, I wrote that I had a hankering to re-read some past jottings to select something to post and share. I was told “Not yet. Stay here. 11/21/22. Look up the number 9.”


I am not into numerology, so that was my first objection. I also didn’t want to get up from my comfy spot to grab phone or laptop. And once I look up one thing, I go down the rabbit hole. I did not want to get lost in distraction. But I got up and grabbed my laptop.


One quick google and I wrote in my journal: “9 represents completion, represents a culmination of wisdom and experience and buzzes with the energy of both endings and new beginnings. 9 represents patience and harmony, love and faith. Qualities include friendship, spirituality, unity and the ability to see things clearly.”


My guidance replied, “We are smiling. You did the small task. You need to see that you can follow these small nudges without fretting. You showed yourself you could quickly get up and do the small thing we asked. And you showed yourself you could get on computer and do ONLY this task. You did not get sidetracked. Affirm this to yourself right now.”


So I did. I had received guidance to do one tiny small thing which I had initially resisted. But then I was indeed able to do it without overthinking, worry, or distraction.


How often do I get guidance and resist? It really isn’t hard to follow the guidance if I just get out of my head.


I thought that was the lesson for the day. It was one, for sure.


Then I received: “You are endings and beginnings. Always. Daily. The culmination of wisdom is in your cells, embodied. There is no effort required to access your wisdom. It is you. You live from it. To access Higher Wisdom, your Future Self, or any other Beings of Goodness & Guidance, the practice required is to gather your attention and intention to enter your body and breath, to feel the movement of the energy that is breathing your body, and go there. Make it simple. It is not mystical or magical. It is NORMAL to Be One With Soul. It is your natural ability to become one with your True Nature. It is practical and logical to talk to Higher Dimensions. Calling it “woo woo” or “New Age” is old paradigm. This is the natural way of Being. It is normal to speak from and live from True Self.


That is your message for today.”


And that is the message I need on this day, a year later.

Please take from it any nugget that resonates with you.


Much love,


Ends and beginnings? There are no such things,

only middles."~Robert Frost

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