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ALL is sacred

Utah was spectacular.

We only saw Salt Lake City area and Park City area this trip, and wowee wow, fall scenery was ablaze. We explored the scenic drives, hiked a bit, and watched the sunset over the Great Salt Lake. So much gorgeousness. And being the tourist that I am, we also took in choir practice for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. A beautiful symphony of voice and orchestra.

The actual reason for our trip, booked many months ago, was a meditation/”spiritual” weekend event and it was deeply rewarding. HoneyMan and I are so grateful.

Back home the trees have not yet turned color in my Northern Illinois yard. That will happen soon enough. Oh how I love the fall. Even when November comes and the trees are all naked and we can see through to the hill behind the house, I still love it and find it beautiful.

I am basking in beauty and gratitude. My journal has been profound lately and also feels private. Only one tiny snippet wants to be shared.

ALL actions in the day are sacred, not just “morning quiet time.” Sacred prayer time, sacred listening time, sacred movement time, sacred loving time, sacred nourishing the body time, sacred tending to home time, sacred task time, ALL actions are sacred.

The day flows in sacred fluidity. Do not separate out anything out as not sacred. Imagine your ancestors in the woods or prairies, each task a sacred offering and a sacred receiving. Be it they were hunting for food or cooking the food, building a shelter or planting a garden, sewing garments or sharing wisdom stories around the fire, all was part of the day and all was sacred.

There was no “commute” or “job” or “to-do list” – it was all life, all in flow, all of worth, and all sacred.

No thing was separate from sacred.

Maybe that helps you, maybe not. It helps me remember that things I do during the day do not need to be separated into a “chore” bucket that somehow is not sacred. What if ALL is sacred offering and sacred receiving? It is.

Grateful for you.

Much love,


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